Welcome to the Things

While a library is most commonly associated with the idea of books and periodicals–and rightfully so–it encompasses so much more than just those items. A library is a center of learning, a gathering place for community members, and strives to provide the tools and teach the skills people need to fully enrich their lives. To that end, we are happy to introduce you to the JCLS Library of Things. Have a look around and reserve whatever it is you want, from a Book Club in a Bag to sous vide cookers, and everything in between.

Can I pick up an item from any Branch?

Yes! When reserving your item(s) you can choose which branch you'd like to pick your item up at. Once ready your item(s) can be picked up any time during open hours. Items can also be returned to any branch during open hours. It does not need to be the same branch the Thing was picked up from.

Is same-day pick-up available?

Things that are listed as available in the catalog may be checked out directly from Medford's available stock during open hours. This avoids the three-day buffer period for shipping to another branch and facilitates same-day pick-up in most cases.

How many Things can I borrow at once?

You may have two Things checked out at a time. The lending period is up to 21 days on Things and 42 days on Book Club Bags. Checkouts may not be renewed.

Can anyone check out a Thing?

Anyone who has a Full-Service or Organizational Library Card in good standing, is over 18 years old, can provide valid ID with current address, and has completed the lending agreement form may use the Library of Things catalog.