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JCLS LoT Lending Agreement_EDITED_1.27.2021

Jackson County Library Services has updated its User Agreement. Please review and sign off on the new agreement to proceed with your reservation.

Library of Things Lending Agreement

Terms of Use:

            A valid Jackson County Library Services card with borrower’s current address and no outstanding fines above $25.00 is required to borrow items from the Library of Things, hereinafter referred to as “Thing(s)”.

            Borrowers must be 18 years old or older.

            Borrowers must read, understand, and sign this Agreement at the Branch’s Service Desk in the presence of a library staff member the first time they check out Thing(s). Thereafter an electronic copy will remain on file.

Time Limits and Availability

            Thing(s) may be borrowed for three (3) weeks, and may be renewed up to two (2) times unless another borrower is waiting. Borrowers may checkout only two (2) Thing(s) at a time.

Fees & Liability

            The borrower is solely responsible for the Thing(s) and will be billed for any reasonable repair or replacement costs associated with damage or loss of the Thing(s) due to neglect or abuse.

            A list of the replacement costs of Thing(s) is maintained by the Library and is available upon request.

            The responsibility to protect against risk of loss or damage is the borrower’s.

            The Library is not responsible for the loss of any data while using Thing(s).

Proper Care and Use

            Use care when handling.

            Return the Thing(s) with all associated parts/components and in clean condition.

I agree

            To abide by the Library’s Library of Things Lending guidelines as stated above.

            To pay full repair and/or replacement costs should the Thing(s) or components of the Thing(s) be stolen, lost, damaged or not clean.

In consideration of being allowed to borrow  Thing(s), I hereby voluntarily waive, release, and discharge Jackson County Library Services, the Jackson County Library District, and their respective successors, assigns, officers, agents, employees, directors, and volunteers (hereafter referred to as “Releasees”) from any and all claims, actions or demands of any kind, nature and description, including claims or actions for damages for death, personal injury, or property damage and from any and all liabilities, damage, injuries, action or causes of action either at law or in equity, whether caused by any defect in the Thing, negligent act or omission of the Releasees, or otherwise arising out of or in any way related to or connected with my borrowing Thing(s).